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    Mapl Alu Panel

Automated Manufacturing Plant

MAPL ALU PANEL holds the successive important edge in providing the world class aluminium composite panels. We design & customize as per client needs.

R & D Department

We hold the latest machinery & software that are managed by our experienced engineers. Our specialized design unit gives you best designs ever.

100% Tested Products

Customer satisfaction is at core for aluminum composite panel manufacturing & services. Our quality products helped us to carve out a niche platform.

Aluminium Composite Panel

We are incorporated in manufacturing quality of Aluminium Composite Panels and installation for commercials and industries. Our aluminium panels are very versatile, fast to fabricate & very easy to install to give beautiful look to your business. Our products & quality stands us apart from all other aluminium composite panel manufacturers. We gives furnish & classy look to commercials & industries with confidence & guarantee. Just a click away from quality Aluminium composite panels – any shape any size with best prices.


Product Ranges Our Products

A pallet of over 1000 design to choose from the best combination that provides you class first impressive look to commercials & buildings.




MAPL PANEL can be shaped to any desired design. concave, convex and any bent structures can be created, by using standard wood or aluminium working machines.

Impact Resistance

MAPL PANEL is resistant to reasonable impact loads due to the unique composite construction of strong aluminum skins bonded to a visco elastic core.

100% Maintenance Free

PVDF coating retains its finish usually over 15 years. No maintenance is required. Regular cleaning with mild detergent will keep the finishing as good as new.

Thermal Resistance

Polyethelene is one of the best insulating material. Mapl Alu Panel Polyethelene core does not allow heat to penetrate the building, thus results of major electricity cost saving in air-conditioning.

Sound Resistance

MAPL PANEL, being a multi layer panel, has an excellent sound proof effect.

Colour Uniformity

The coil coating process provides the best quality of colour uniformity unlike spray gun type and there are no visible grain lines.

Water & Corrosion Resistance

100% maintenance free, Kynar 500 based PVDF coating assures superior resistance against corrosion. It can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Reduced Dead Weight

Being a very light and strong cladding material,reduces the dead weight of the building. It weighs less than 1/10th of conventional cladding material such as marble, granite etc. Mapl Alu Panel makes the building safer from earthquake.

MAPL PANEL Hi-tech Look

It increases the perceived value of commercial or residential projects making it easily saleable.


Continuous laminating process provides excellent flatness of the panels eliminating distortion or deflection. Flatness of up to 2mm per 1200mm length i.e. 0.16% of its length is now possible through this technology.

Easy Availability

Being locally manufactured, Mapl Alu Panel is readily available. It can be ordered and delivered at short notice, according to the progress of your project. Thereby, reducing financial commitments and blockage of builder’s funds.

Size Advantage

MAPL PANEL can be ordered in any tailor made size, thus eliminating wastage.

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TOP REASONS TO WORK Reasons to work with us

  • We Always do Quality Work

    MAPL APLU PANEL INDIA is one of the leading names that provide quality Aluminium Panel Work service to precious clients around the globe.

  • WE DEAL WITH Multi Projects

    We have furnished best aluminium architectural panel products that enhance client projects into natural beauty with anodized aluminum panels.

  • We Always use Updated Tech

    MAPL ALU PANEL has adopted most stringent quality control norms and incorporated numerous procedures at every stage to ensure zero defect products.

  • Client happy with Client Support

    MAPL APLU PANEL INDIA has been the best names in Aluminium Composite Panel that added advantage and makes our customers very happy and satisfied.