Vision, Quality And Assurance

At MAPL, we firmly believe that the success of business depends on providing high quality products and service to all valued customers through efforts of its team members.

Quality Management is practiced from the top management to the lower most position in the product. the four stages of quality assurance are as below:

Pre Production Quality Assurance

All received raw material are inspected thoroughly before issuing to production. Each raw material cross strict ‘Quality control’ specifying quality standard.

In Process Control

Each Process of production, quality is ensured by rigorous checking process. All standard parameters of quality standard and norms.

Post Production Quality Assurance

Before sending the production to stockyard, final inspection is always done to verify that product has crossed all the parameters of quality standard and norms.

Always proper batch coding is given to the production, shift wise and day wish by video jet printing on one side of extrusion which gives a complete data information of all inputs of raw materials used during production.

Dispatch Quality Assurance

To take the extra mileages of customer satisfaction, confidence, Dispatch, Department always ensure that best of material to be received by our customer.

Quality Mission Statement

MAPL is committed to focusing on supplying our customers with highly reliable, cost effective quality production and services.

In Order to achieve the highest possible quality standards in industry we will strive to advocate the following quality values; provide dynamic leadership in a work environment that encourages employee involvement partnered with our suppliers to develop quality products that will meet our customer’s expectations.

Promote systems and processes that will cause quality and help us become the most efficient producer in our industry.

Produce a quality product in a safe environment using the latest in manufacturing technology while ensuring industry leading service and support.

Deal honestly and fairly with our customers, suppliers, employees, and government.

Quality Initiatives in striving to eliminate production defects, MAPL has developed a comprehensive Quality Control System.

This Program includes :

In-line inspection of production process.

  • Final Pre-shipping inspection of completed products.
  • Continuous random sample product testing-product pulled from the line for air and water testing at our in house test chamber.
  • Employee involvement and accountability through sign off on individual work and feedback from quality inspections and sample testing.
  • Ongoing in house structural, air and water testing, as well as external certification testing of existing and new product line.>Comprehensive reporting and tracking of deficiencies and the consequent corrective actions.
  • Closed Quality loop-reporting and documentation facilitates root cause identification allowing process and design adjustments to be made with our full time Quality Technical Support and Design team.
  • Production supervisor feedback and involvement by means of weekly quality update meetings.
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